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NEW: CCH iQ is a software and information services solution designed specifically for accountants that will redefine how you do business.

A SUM IS BETTER THAN ITS PARTS: Powerfully integrated with CCH iKnow and CCH iFirm, CCH iQ provides an unrivalled end-to-end solution. The technology is purpose-built to be time efficient, cost effective and facilitate practice growth.

Exclusive CPA Australia Member Benefit for the CCH iQ, CCH iKnow and CCH iFirm bundles. Enquire today to find out more.

What is CCH iQ?


CCH iQ is the combination of CCH iKnow content and CCH iFirm software to drive actionable outcomes.


Simplify the process of getting access to practical content.
Demonstrate value to clients in a more commoditised environment.
Move away from retrospective compliance to proactive advisory work.
Access the full potential of your client database for business development opportunities.

How does CCH iQ work?


There are over 300 annual substantial trigger events that occur from case law, legislative changes, ATO rulings & announcements and macro-economic events. What if there was a way to transform the burden of trigger events into real business opportunities? With CCH iQ this is now possible.

We have built a specially built web crawling engine which works 24 hours a day, crawling websites that have selected by our subject matter experts. This engine picks up news stories as they happen, and based on key words and phrases, recognises when this story is a ‘trigger event’.

A client profile is created to determine what types of clients in your database will or could be affected by this event. With CCH iFirm, this process is taken to the next level with the power of ‘client match’, where CCH iQ not only tells you the types of clients affected but who the exact clients impacted in your database are.

Once CCH iQ has helped you identify the impacted clients you also get access to all the practical tools you need to create value add service to your clients through letters, checklists, calculators, impact statements and more.

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